What Therapy Involves

What Therapy Involves

What treatment involves: There will be an initial assessment meeting where you discuss your problem with the psychologist. After that, there will usually be another meeting where a plan of treatment is worked out. This usually involves a series of weekly hour-long sessions, although sessions may be less often as your problem gets better. The length of treatment depends on the problem. Successful treatment requires the client to be actively involved and motivated to change.The ending of treatment is planned so that both psychologist and client are satisfied with the outcome. Follow-up sessions may be agreed. Treatment is confidential to the client and because this is a private service, information does not have to be shared with any other service or agency.

Our approach to therapy is based in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, but draws upon other psychological theories as appropriate. We find Schema Therapy helpful when it is necessary to understand how people’s pasts affect their current thinking and behaviour. We often formulate an interactive model of how a client’s thoughts, behaviour and physical condition affect each other, because simple changes that improve wellbeing, such as better sleep, can often improve how people feel and cope. Understandings of compassion, mindfulness and wellbeing are helpful to develop positive approaches for change. Therapy in practice can include:

Helping people to think differently about their problems;

Working out practical means of managing their problems;

Life planning to make problems less likely;

Learning to deal in different ways with upsetting situations;

Recognising and changing problematic patterns of behaviour and styles of thinking;

Improving self-esteem and self-worth;

Setting clear goals;

Understanding the effects of past events on current problems.

We can also see clients at Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre, Nuffield Hospital York and in the Scottish Borders. Additionally, we offer therapy by telephone and via Skype depending on the needs and convenience of the client. We accept payment by cash, UK cheque or Paypal. For one-to-one therapy with adults we offer a sliding scale starting from £90.00 per hour depending on what the client is able to pay.  Other types of work, insurance and legal work may be more expensive.

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