Choosing your psychologist wisely

From time to time we all need help, and getting the very best help available is not easy. So how do you choose a psychologist that is right for you? The number 1 contributing factor towards successful mental health treatment is widely agreed upon as the relationship between the therapist and the psychologist. If there is not a natural and easy flow during your the sessions can be hard and meaningless.

Successful psychological therapy is when the client or patient finishes the course of therapy. Roughly 80% of people who start therapy do not finish. It is a hard road that is also extremely rewarding for the very few who see their therapy from start to finish.

Northern Beaches Psychology Little Steps

Marcela Nolasco from Little Steps Northern Beaches said “the majority of her patients do not complete therapy. However, those who complete at least half of the therapy report significant improvements in their mental health and day to day lives. We believe that all people deserve high-quality care and the client psychologist relationship is the most important element of successful therapy.”

Marcela from Little Steps Psychology Northern Beaches has treated hundreds of clients for mental health disorders from mild to extreme. Her background as a psychologist as well as a psychotherapist makes her a highly qualified practitioner as the combination is rare.

From humble beginnings Marcela from Little Steps started her career in Brazil eventually moving to Australia she is an accredited Clinical Psychologist.

“Helping people is my motivation for everything I do and I have dedicated my life to the art of mental health assistance and psychology. I now call the Northern Beaches my home and from beginning to end you will cherish the journey you undertake with me. It is important to me that you recover and live a life that you always wanted to live. If you are looking to change your life or need help with some form of mental health disorder don’t hesitate to call me today I am here to help. I have a deep sense of compassion and understanding and want to be your guide towards a better life. Make that first step to recovery and invest in your new you.


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